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Waitress Mission

  1. Well butter my biscuits, it looks like we got ourselves a new waitress! How you doin’ sugar?
    • I’m doing well
  2. I was just chattin with Holly and she was sayin you was the boy that had the little incident here the other day. Bless my heart I wouldn’t have the gumption to show my face to the world if that happened to me!
    • Oh, yea, well I really need the money for rent
  3. Oh honey.. I know it’s hard to pay your rent, but you’re cute, I’m sure you’ll be taking in all the tips from all the pretty girls that come in here. Just keep working hard!
    • You think I’m cute?
  1. I’m glad to see you’re still toughing it out sugar! They just don’t pay enough here to cover rent! That only cares about perving on pretty little things. He doesn’t seem to care at all about us getting enough to get by.
    • I know, if only there was some way to get some extra money
  2. Oh honey, I just give them an extra big smile when I bring out the food and the tips just start rolling in. Most people here are really nice to me! I have a few that come in just to see me because they care so much for me. They always ask me about my life and what I like. One guy even brought me flowers on my birthday, he’s such a great friend.
    • I should try smiling too!
  3. That’s the spirit! My momma always said there’s no medicine so sour that a bit of sugar couldn’t help. You know with a little bit of makeup we could really bring out the big pretty eyes of yours. They’re so cute!
    • Only if you make my eyes as pretty as yours