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Save and Share Your Game


This game allows you to export and import saves. This means you can either share your save game with other people, or play someone else’s game. I’m building a repository of different save games on my discord under the #saves channel. Feel free to share or play someone else’s game!

Export / Share your game with someone

To Export your save game to share it with someone else
Open the phone under the save icon. Click the Export icon to the right of you saved game.
You’ll see this scree pop up. All that text may look scary, but don’t worry you don’t have to understand what it all means. Just copy the entire block of text. You can highlight it the copy it.
The text is called a JSON string and only game information is displayed, there isn’t any of your computer information. Please don’t share this if you have named your characters with first and last names of people you know.
Now you have the text your can paste it in notepad, email text or any other way you want to share it.

Import / Play someone else’s game

To play someone else’s game start by clicking the save save game icon in your phone
Click the “Import” button
This screen will pop up. Paste the text into the box. It should be similar to the text from your export game.
After you pasted the text into the field click the “Load” button
That's it! Now you can play someone else's game