Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens

What is this game?

Have you ever wanted to be something you're not? At it's root it's a transformation game to allow you to be something you're not. You start out as an average young man who hasn't had a lot of luck or motivation in life, but a job at Missy's Detective Agency will find you on a path that you didn't even know you wanted to go on.

Who is Fap Force 5?

I'm really just some person what enjoys playing games and thought I could add a good game to the mix. I pay an artist out of pocket since I'm not a very good artist, but the story, code, and a lot of the art is all made by me in my spare time. If you have any questions or want to get tips, let me know, I love helping new game developers get started.

Want to play my first game? Spam Land It's not very good, but some people don't hate it!