First slide


Chapter 1

  1. Meet Eva in her room give offer her your math book
  2. Massage Eva's feet
  3. Play Spin the bottle
  4. Get your special reward
  5. Play Truth or Dare
  6. She'll visit you if you sleep in your room
  7. Text her from your room * 2 - Last event is when you lick her foot

Feminine Path

Once you trigger the feminine path, there's no going back.
  1. Lola and Eva give you some matching panties and bra
  2. Ice Cream (If you turned in the Naked Beaver girls you'll have a bad event)
  3. Footjob until you get her love to 25%
  4. Once your love is high enough she'll let you lick her feet - Kiss her pussy to progress
  5. Library
    • Buy a collar at Popular Girl in the mall
    • Get a Library Card in the girl's change room at the pool
    • Go to the University Library and you'll meet Eva there


  • Shower scene..
  • Panty theif scene if you peek after you steal the panties
  • Feminine Path
    • You can sleep in their bed
    • You can now shower with the girls once both their love is above 50% - you have to walk in on them and strip down