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Future Plans

This page is all spoilers, so only read it you want to be spoiled.

14 May 2021

When I started I wanted a game that had an ending. A true ending. I also wanted a game where you had a choice on how to get to the ending, so there is a ton of content that is not necessary, but I thought it may be fun.

The red box

The red box contains a cult robe that you will use to try and infiltrate the cult and gather some information for Missy. Things are going to go bad for you and the cult will capture you and you have to earn your freedom - the more sissy you are the quicker you can get free.

Once free you'll report to Missy and she'll lay out everything she has and open a bunch of cases for you (in the red box above) Some cases will automatically open and some you'll have to unlock with events. Like Daria's case you'll unlock after talking to the Landlord, and Zoey's bar will be after you progress enough with Zoey. Cheer leader after getting in with Candy. Construction after raising you level with Tina, etc...

Sissy School Path (Above)

You won't have to do all of them, but you'll have to do 8-ish out of 10-ish to gather enough information to proceed to the final case - taking down the cult.

Most of the cases you can do as a boy or cross dresser, but some will require some level of transformation / tattoos. You'll be able to get to the end without transforming, if you choose.

The events in yellow you'll have to do to get to the cases, but all the rest are completely optional. Being a mega sissy slut will make some easier, but you can still do it as a straight cross dressing boy.

24 November 2020


I'm planning on around 3-6 different endings depending on your choices and who you choose to end up with. A few key choices will determin the ending you get. This is a long long long term plan


The idea is there, and I like how it's presented. I don't like that it occurs at night and once you get everything the sissy points now become pointless.
I'm thinking of a way to use or bank the points for future use. And you can trade in those points for cash or an event.
I also want the varable the points > the lower the sissy level is the easier it is to get points, higher will slow down the points. I also want to make a sissy event tracker - the first time you do a repeatable event you'll get a lot of points, but will diminish over time. I don't have enough events for this yet, so it will have to wait until I can get more sissy events.
Sissy points has to be part of chapter 1 with a better explanation, but I don't want to over explain it and make the same mistake as the midichlorians explanation, there needs to be some mystery to it.
Thought: Maybe your phone has a tracker on it to record all your actions and you can trade them in Missy's basement at the sissy school.
Trade in points to give blowjobs - get blowjob class - now can do it

Chapter 1

Why change somehting that has already happened?
Really I base my changes by the number of questions that people have. If there's a lot of questions and misunderstanding then the original purpose wasn't done well and Chapter 1 gets the most questions. Also I had a very limited budget to make it so I skipped over A LOT of things simply due to a lack of budget to do it the way I wanted to
The hormone pills are premature - I only added them at the diner so you could start transforming. Before that I had a transformation game without any transformations, so I did it so everyone could see what the game was about. I also want to end Chapter 1 with Missy giving you a strap-on. I'm going to rework a few things, but not till I get a few more events for Chapter 2
Chapter 1 has to set the stage for the hormone pills and the transformations
I'm adding a basement to Missy's and have that as a sissy school with 1 other mistress and one other pupil, not Cecilia as Cecilia has already gone through.


Cult leader looks like Silas from the Da Vinci Code
Kidnap a number of males to extract their cum
Kidnap a number of females to do the extraction of cum
Large orgy parties to worship diety
Will steal from the sperm bank - will be mystery


Have a cult member in the Black Room - interrogate / punish with main character to have the cult member gain the cult member's trust
Red Room after the first go around - Repeatable strap / urin play

Black Room of Pain

Main story line
Missy will have captured cult member (female)
You'll be used with captured cult member and punished together to gain her trust
Things like tied up together facing each other - Tied up in a bag - whipped together - Seasaw dildo -
Make a game of it. You'll both have energy if you use energy to help cult member and take the punishment you'll gain her trust.

Pink Room of pleasure

Pink room is a free use room - main character will be locked in chastity for 3 weeks to learn how to provide service to others - OPTIONAL mission
Must serve "x" acount of visitors
Serve a mix of male / female (choice being total free use will give bigger bonus than just selecting one type of client)
Can also volunteer to be a human toilet (urin only - sorry poop fans)

Land Lord

Provide advice to main character - no ending


No ending - repeatable events


Depending on your choice during the first date - Either you get an ending with Lola where you two end up together forever or if you choose the other one 3 some with Lola, Eva, and Landlord on the couch


Ending - if you get to the vagina and choose to support her you can end up with her Bar - Total dirty transexual bar - she's the bar tender


Tattoo and piercing worker - may give you a chance to sleep with her, but will ruin Zoey ending


Cat girl - she'll meet you at the bar and take you home. She'll want you to put in a cat tail butt plug - only interested in you while you're a male

Construction Site

Stuck in hole
Sneak in after dark mission

Mr. Jones

Slutty Main / Slave


Force himeself on you when coming in once you're sexy enough - and lead him on


Blackmail you once you've progressed enough with the two of them - will get choice to continue blackmail or tell the Landlord

Agent Wyatt

Ending - will date you like a gentleman is working on the cult case from the FBI


Horses, milking ... you know


Well... you know what happens in prison


Still don't like it, not forceful enough... I'm going to rework it

Male Lifeguard

Will be kidnapped for the cult - future case


Will randomly appear at different place for free use if you dick is big enough

Fortune Teller

Will provide you clues on what to do next - need to develop more before adding her


Candy will have you cheerlead for the local sports team with her on the weekends. It'll involved SPH, and very public humiliation.

Poker with the boys

TSF Monogatari @ 5:30 - That show is the entire reason they're in there
normal size dicks

Street Corner with the sewer entrance

You can be a hooker


You can join her at the glory hole - also public urinal

Hippy Girl

Lives in the trees, hairy arm pits and pussy. Stinky
Porvide insight into the activities of the cult, maybe secrect entrance


A lot of people don't like Jeffery, but that's kinda the point. He is the creepy gross guy that is supposed to send chills down your back and make you feel icky. He won't have a large role, but I'll add some creepy stuff within his own role, like when your pp gets small enough not to use a chastity cage - may a little molestation

Other people's ideas I find interesting and may incorperate

I know any Hucow/lactation content is way off but I think I know how it could work into the story as well. SO your working for Missey's. If breast are big enough that is and she is like I got a new job I need you to do. some woman have gone missing my leads tell me there vanishing at this dairy farm up north. be a dear and find out what is going on. You go to the farm and get a job at first at milking normal cows. seems pretty simple. after a week of that one of the farmers say. Hay you been here atleast a week how would you like to earn even more money. we have some speacil cows that need milking. you follow the man into a newish looking barn and see woman all lined up with big breast being milked and wearing cow print stuff on them, You will these ones you get double the money. which side note is still not a lot. Now at this point you found the missing girls so you could tell your boss or keep it a secret and then you get offared a better deal. to get milked yourself. the MC is like I do not want massive breast like them and there like nah it is a one time deal if you only use the drug once, the effect do not last as long. it pays $90 a milking. so MC is like holy hell that is like three times what I normally make okay deal. if the Mc turns them in then that is slightly bigger breast but end of content but. if he/she goes back once more and does another milking perma lactation, which can buy a milk pump from the sex shop and pump your own milk and make 10 dollars for each bottle.