First slide


Chapter 1

  1. Hay new waitress, what’s your name?
    • Alex-y … shit that’s not my name, I’m Alex, and I’m really a boy.
  2. Oh sugar, we know. When you came out of Jeffery’s office we saw your giant pecker sticking out of the bottom of your skirt we figured it out! So what do you think of Jeffery?
    • I kinda got the pervert vibe from him
  3. I know, he keeps insisting we change in front of him! I thought Dolly was going to puch him! Of course none of us ever change with him in the room, you would have to be a total spineless slut to do that!
    • Yea, I would never change in front of him!
  4. I know! He’s so disgusting there’s no way anyone would get undressed in front of him. He tries everything to see us naked! He even offered me $50 for a pair of my panties. You have to be a real weirdo to get a pair of used panties. UGH it makes me shiver it’s so disgusting.
    • You probably don’t even wear panties
  1. Hay honey! You still working here? Jeffery still hasn’t scared you away?
    • He’s the worst, such a pervert
  2. So yesterday I caught him smelling a pair of panties then stuffing them in his pocket! I even think I saw him licking them!
    • Oh gross, he’s so disgusting. I bet if you wore panties he would try to steal those.
  3. Another reason not to wear panties. Do you want to know why I don’t wear panties? It’s because my biggest fantasy is some big strong man coming up behind me and just molesting my pussy with his big thick fingers, getting me all wet then shoving his cock straight in, all without saying a word.
    • That’s my fantasy too
  4. I can tell girlfriend! Any guy willing to work here has some dirty fantasies! I was kinda worried at first about you, but after talking to Molly and Dolly you feel like one of us!
    • Awww thank you! I like working with you too!