First slide

Land Lord

Masculine Route

  1. First get a job. You can get a job on your computer at home
  2. After you’ve applied and have a job you have to talk to her.
  3. Talk to her either in the morning in the Dining Room or the Evening in the Living Room
  4. After you talk to her a few times she’ll give you the keys to her room so you can make her bed
  5. In her room you can find the key for Lola and Eva’s room
  6. Visit her in the Living Room and she’ll let you eat her ass
  7. You’ll get caught with by Lola and Eva
  8. Get your dick slapped
  1. Kicked out!
    1. Visit her at her place of work after 9:00 am, she'll tell you to find a doctor
    2. In the homeless camp talk to the drunk. (You may need to talk to him twice, once as introduction)
    3. After he says he's going to jack off for you visit the sperm bank. The Land Lord will let you back in.

Girly Route

To change over from the masculine to the girly you just have to get caught crossdressing or have a 'B' cup size. Once you switch over though, there's no going back.
  1. The Landlord's first event will be to give you a night gown.
  2. Picnic withthe land lord - be sure to get the red polka dot dress and visit her on the weekend during the day
  3. Suprise from a friend


  • In her room at night after you get her key
  • On the weekends with Dick Once you're on the Girly Path you can play with Dick
  • Catch her in the shower
  • Find her panties in her drawer. You can take them once you ass is phat enough
  • Masculine Route
    • Visit her during the week at night after being kicked out - she'll jack you off
  • Feminine Route
    • Visit her during the week at night with some dildos - she'll give you the sissygasm
    • Work in the sperm bank