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Avatar. This will show you several things about yourself.
In the Main Avatar window you will see:
What Clothes you are wearing
Jewlery and tattoos
Hair color and lenght
Eye color
Makeup and lipstick
Boob size
Butt size

You can select the butt icon to switch between what cage and buttplug you're wearing, or how big your sissy butthole is

The last item on the avatar display is your sissy meter. There are seven levels. To see the details on your level check out the mirror in the bathroom.
1. Out of shape boy
2. Boy
3. Androgenous
4. Cute Girl
5. Sexy Girl
6. Sissy Bimbo
7. Lewd
This will show you the buildings on the map you're on, and if you can get into them during the day or night.
When you enter the sewer or forest it will also show you where you're at in those specific maps.
This is still in progress. Not ready. Will have a better one after v16.
This is the In game walkthrough / mission tracking. Each character will that has a story will be included (In progress).
If you get stuck on a character or just want to see where's it's going.

Click on the character you want to view

The current event will be in yellow at the top.
Events that you've completed or passed will be below that

When you've selected a character to follow the map will show a red circle on where that event is.