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Waitress Mission

  1. Aw shit, you’re that new chick with a dick!
    • Yea, you want to play with it?
  2. Oh hahaha, I would, but it looks like it’s all locked up. So you some kind of cross dresser?
    • I’m only here to scam pervs and weirdos from their money
  3. Totally, I like a slut that knows who she is. I have one old perv that comes in all the time, he tips me $100 to touch my asshole when I take his order. He was my first customer and ‘dropped his napkin’ and like an idiot I bent over to pick it up and showed him my entire asshole. It’s cool, he tipped me $50 for it. He’s really into assholes.
    • He did it to me too! He got a full shot of my ass and cock!
  4. Ohhh I bet he loved that. If you feel him stick his finger in your butthole just let him. He’s safe and his tips are awesome! Not like Jeffery at all! He offered me $10 for my panties! I told him my panties cost like $30 new, he was going to have to cough up like $50 for them. So I sold them to him, caught him sniffing them in his office.
    • That’s awesome! I bet your panties smell like sex.
  1. Hay slut! How’s your butthole, did he stick his fingers in yet!
    • No. Dammit
  2. Awww I’m sorry. Just keep showing him your asshole and he’ll do it. He’s probably just scared. It took him almost 2 months before he shoved his fingers into my ass. It took another month before he ate my ass, but that’s another story.
    • So how do you make extra money around here?.