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Poll from 2018 Janurary 01

Q1: The Characters are drawn well
3.4 (1-5)
Q2: The background is drawn well
3.2 (1-5)
Q3: The controls and movement are intuitive (makes sense)
3.7 (1-5)
Q4: I'm excited to see this game made
4.0 (1-5)
Q5: What's your opinion on solving little puzzles in a sex game?
Keep it minimal (69%)
Q6: If the game is made I would like the following fetishes
Feet x 3
MtF x 2
Q7: Overall thoughts or suggestions
I super suggest that how about adding cheats like cheat codes or Built-in Debug\Developer Mode to the game?
Have clear icons on clickables. Decide one method for navigation and stick to it, either bottom row or objects in the main window.
Needs to give more feedback to the player on whether they can interact with something or if they have.
Seems decent for a proof of concept. There are some major spelling/grammar errors, which are important to fix in an html game. I like the uniqueness though.
Keep doing what you are doing you have some humor with the mother kicking the MC in the balls. I wish you well on this journey.

Poll from 2020 November 15

Q1: The Characters are drawn well
4.5 (1-5)
Q2: The background is drawn well
4.4 (1-5)
Q3: The controls and movement are intuitive (makes sense)
4.1 (1-5)
Q4: Who is your favorite character / Who do you want to see more of?
First slide Other is Jada x 2, the Lifeguards, and the Beaver girls
Q5: Who do you hate / don't want to see anymore?
First slide The primary "Other" is "no one, everyone is great", followed by Jeffery, then all males with just a couple votes
Q6: In game fights
"More forced" slightly edged out "Perfect" with 46%
Q7: What additional clothing do you want?
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Q8: What situations or fetishes would you like to see more of?
First slide
Feet and Piss
pegging,gloryhole,cum eating
I'd love to see more gay stuff. That big guy with the towel at the gym is hot!
A Small-to Middle intermediate Chest and Butt Size. A Cup-Size between A and B. Personnaly I think that the Cup-Size you call A is rather an AA or AAA. Cup Size B seems to fit The Growth-Difference from Small to Middle seems to large. Self Boob-Play as Part of Masturbation Scene.
Water sports, cum play, and rimming
Bimbo dark skin
pegging/ humiliation
forced feminization
Sissy sex
Latex Slime FutaDom SissyDom
More strapon content, female characters doing it with main character Main character doing it (when caged/with pussy) with female characters
femdom strapon dominatrix pegging gloryhole
Humiliation from landlord and the other two
Loving hardcore femdom with Lola and Eva, preferebly not abusive levels thou.
Trésorerie, gang bang
Fisting bondage submission
ABDL if possible but that might not fit. Uhm cuteness and lolita outfits i would like to see that really cute frilly sissyness
Humiliation and forced situations
Any :D
Forced Bi
More events with Landlord and her boyfriend
pubic hair as a desirable quality, but only there. not like man hair. On both boys and girls
More feet
foot, cuckold, spermswap, kissing
Repeatable cum eating event and more events like that
landlord and her boyfriend
mc sex with men
Feet and landlord boyfriend including you with landlord in sex games.
Pegging, Watersports, Non-con/Consensual non-con
Maybe a dominant shemale that tries to break you or something.
Cosplay, in the sense of work, I'd like to have different costumes cause events at the diner or a secretary outfit to allow different types of work at the construction site.
beastiality, cum inflation(from landlord's bf onto mc), sissification of other characters in world as well, cult(ish) stuff (female ghost possessions of mc*maybe*)
Public Sex, Gloryhole, More Growth for everyone, Corruption if possible
Foot and Blackmail
forced feminization
Willing feminization
Force Feminization and submission. Perhaps becoming more younger like Eva and Lola age and you can go to school with them.
Q9: Overall thoughts or suggestions
Its a nice game, pretty fun but kinda grindy with transformations
Make hormones/sissy transformation stuff a little easier to attain. Make lube easier to get. Maybe increase the point value of different service activities? Maybe provide more service activities earlier?
Super Game.
Great work
Great game! Keep pushing the transformations as far as the story will allow and let players choose what fetishes/ transformations they wish to take part in.
Doing great, your art is really improving but I think you can do better. All in all keep up the good work.
please extend beaty salon with some story and more options
great game
good so far
Good game but UI definitely needs improvement too easy to get lost or not know what you have to do to progress
"Everything goes according to plan" from the song "Cabriolet" by the Band "Leningrad"
Its pretty good for what it is
Great game and it steadily gets better. keep up the good work!
Great fucking game keep it up
I like the game, it's good fun
Keep up the good work! :D
Love it
Love the game so far. Cant wait to see ow you continue to improve the game. Would appreciate knowing what the different symbols are on the map when jogging in park
It's a good game. I would like to see more scenes with the landlord and co-tenants, maybe even into the later stages of the game.
Love the game. Thank you
Great game
Idk, I love the art and style of the game. Take your time
honestly great game and art. So far the only one ive payed for (only a dollar but thinking of paying more down the line) and im excited to see where it goes
The fighting minigame feels unclear.
Love the game, if you ever decide to mix in a bit of fantasy or such, a succubes would be really cool to have with the cult.
Looks good so far
Amazing game
Love the game, very much the best of the genre in terms of gameplay and style, the content is fairly linear now and hope to have some more freeroam content soon, such as more was to boost stats, so I don't have to grind sleeping in the park. Keep up the good work.
I like the way its going, do what you think is best. The stuff I said was just personal interests and don't necessarily have to be in game as it is your game. A few more ways to increase the sex skills so it is not as much of a slog. Add some anal experience to 'playing with yourself' even if it is 5xp. A marker for the park so you can know if you are going anywhere, like a different flower every few tiles that goes from blue to red for how close you are to something.
I think transformation seem to voluntary there hasn't really been any resistance from the MC.
the game is really enjoyable and i feel happy about my decision to support the game
Good so far