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The body and mind transformation is still being worked. Expect to see some minor changes as I adjust for game play.
You can either choose to transform or cancel. Right now if you cancel you lose that sissy level. At some point in the future I'll give you the ability to bank them, but it's not quite ready yet First slide

Body Axis

First slide The body Axis are your ability to transform your appearance.
The top left starts with buying makup, getting tattoos, then piercings, and finally getting your Bimbo lips

Sex Work (You Fucking Whore)

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Fighting Moves

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Fun Date

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Show Your Slutty Body

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There's two parts to transforming. Wanting to change and earning your change.

Wanting to Change

To show you want to change you have to get the buy the hormone pills from the corner market. At the diner you’ll run into Spanky and he’ll give you a story. During that story he’ll offer to sell you the hormone pills. Take the pills long enough to fill the hormone bar above 70% and you have shown you want to change.
You should be able to fill it enough after using it for 4 consecutive days. Each day your hormone level drops a tiny bit (2%)

Earning You Change

To show you have earned your change you have to perform “Sissy” actions. There are different way to earn points with more on the way. Fill the Sissy bar to the top while your hormone level is above 70% and you’ll transform after you get a good night rest.
List of different ways to earn points

Nightstand – Fingering your butt: 3 points
Nightstand – Using a toy: 5 points (Will be in v8 full release)
Running in the woods at night – caught by the cult: 15 points
Candy’s room – Eat the cum: 20 then 40 points
Missy’s – Hypno: 100 points first time, 20 points each additional time
Missy’s – Take the test: The more sissy your test, the more points
The Bra Store – lick Jada: 40 points
Park after dark – Make the cop happy: 15 points
Different ways to lose points

Toys ‘N Us – Peek on Tiffany: 20 points