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Taken by the Cult

Some things to help you
  • In the beginning do pushups in your spare time
  • Work on stretching your butthole until you can fit an apple in it
  • To see how you're doing with the cult, in your phone check the "cult" relationship status
This walkthrough will start after you you begin the "Red Box" mission at Missy's
  1. First event - chisel into the next cell
    1. You'll need to look out the window and talk to Morgan a few times unti she gives you the chisel
    2. Use that chisel on the loose brick. You may need to do some pushups to increase your upper body strength
    3. Once open talk with Bodhi until Morgan talks the cult guards into letting you work
  2. Second Event - Work and gain trust
    1. Keep working the different jobs. You'll start with just washing the female cult members, but others will appear
  3. The Sermon
    1. Participate in the Sermon (Fridays)
  4. After the Sermon
    1. Talk with Morgan about breaking out. She'll tell you, you need to hide the key in your ass
    2. Once you've stretched your ass wide enough to hide an apple do the Sweep Hallways job. Then Chat with cult member at the end of the hall. Suck his cock, then steal the key
    3. You'll then give the key to Morgan.
  5. Wait till the Friday Surmon
    1. Keep the cult trusting you. If you do something just do work and you'll gain their trust back
    2. On the Friday's Sermon you'll escape