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Version 1

I don't have a walkthrough for this, but here's the originals. Auguest 2018 September 2018 December 2018 Janurary 2019 Feburary 2019

Change Log

1. Reworked path progression algorithm so you can see how far you are and who to spend time on
2. Added Inventory System, you have the option to purchase different bags
3. Updated around 100 images
4. Added Admin menu for $5 patrons. The admin menu is still very simple, you can add energy, money, and arousal. (Currently arousal isn't implemented) I've added to this release for all patrons as I continue to work and improve it.
5. Modified the story line away from the Mad Pooper to the Missing Specimens
6. Added Zoey the goth girl; currently it's an introduction. Her story line will be expanded in future releases.

Working on. Adding forest fighting events and expanding the Sisters and Mother events