First slide

Version 0.11

Release May 2021

In progress
  • Land Lord
    • Added jackoff once you're back in the house in her room at night
    • Added dildo / sissygams if you visit her at night and you have a dildo
    • Added work at sperm bank back in
  • Dildos
    • Added more dildos. and butthole stetching logic. Also changed view of butthole
  • Clothing
    • Added Red Polka Dot Dress
  • Computer Porn
    • Added 5 levels of computer porn - can you get all 5?
  • Sissy School
    • Added Lube Event
    • Added Dildo Event
    • Added Trade Sissy Points for Money
    • Added First Phase of Sissy Points
    • Added penis reduction (will add additional events later)
  • Lola and Eva
    • After you're caught crossressing
      • You can shower with them and they'll shave you if you're hairy
      • You can sleep in their bed
      • Go out for ice cream (If you turned in the Naked Beaver girls you'll get a bad event)
  • Lola
    • Massage continuation raises love - continues till you eat her our (WIP)
  • Eva
    • Added doggy event