First slide

Version 0.12

Release July 2021

  • Zoey's Bar
    • Added Dick Measuring Contest - two different paths depending on the size of your cock
    • Added Pee Bathroom event - random with male or female
  • Stores
    • Added Makeup store (You can reach it after the makeup event at Tiffany's
    • Added necklaces - you can buy them at Popular Girl
  • Appearance
    • Changed to a point sytem that adds up - can view your points in the bathroom mirror
  • Fortune
    • Work in progress - can see where you are and where to go
  • Cheat
    • Added Skip feature for some events in the cheat menu
  • Zoey
    • Added play video games and wash dishes to raise love
    • Added cuck event with Stormy and Zoey
    • Added first event of falling in love
  • Love
    • Changed Relationship with love display