First slide

Version 0.15

Release April 2022

  • Sissy School
    • Modified the Hormone event so it's more descriptive
    • Streamlined and cleaned up the mission selection screen
  • Walkthrough
    • Created a walkthrough with map markers for the different storylines
    • Still in progress, but many lines are correct
  • Cheat
    • You can skip individual events in the Sissy School
  • Lola and Eva continutity error
    • Modified spin the bottle and truth or dare to remove references to stealing their panties and added crossdresser check if they catch you in panties or a bra
  • Lola and Eva and the Landlord
    • added several masculine new events so that their storylines in the masculine path are complete.
  • Display
    • Updated how you appear to others, added in lewd level. To check your Lewd Level check your appearnce in the mirror.
  • Makeup Piercing and Tattoos
    • Able to unlock makeup from the sissy selection screen.
    • Added nipple piercings (more piercings later).
    • Able to get tattoos.
  • Naked Reaction
    • Added in a number of reactions when you're walking around naked
  • Tim and Cindy (Life guards)
    • Their events are now replayable.