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Version 7

Added the Bimbo side quests. In the future you'll see her pop up all over the place to do her thing (Like a surprise visit at the beach, swimming pool, locker room, club, etc..)
I'm finally adding back in the kitchen and living room in Landlord's house. Those that have been around since v2 may have noticed they disappeared, but I've finally been able to afford adding them back in.
Added the Landlord's boyfriend.
Added 3 additional events with the Landlord
Added the front gym and back gym.
Reworked a few things with Missy. There were some points where I felt bored with the tasks, so I amped them up a bit
Poker with the boys. v7 will only have the poker game, but in time I'll add events based on how you transform.
Redid the save game. I modified to data structure so you will be able to reuse old saves going forward. I also added in an export / import save. So if you want to transfer your saves to a buddy or a different computer you now can.
Added in more than a dozen different clothing items. You'll need them going forward.
Re-added the mall scene
Adding in Tiffany's and Candy's apartment building. My next art request will include what I hope is a really good scene with 3 very dominate and playful characters.
At the end of v7 you'll be able to buy and wear conservative women's clothing (think summer dress)
Refined the anal stretching mechanic...
Updated the character UI a bit so it's more intuitive.
Added a new friend for Zoey.
Some art updates.... ummmm there's some other stuff, but it's probably minor