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Version 9

Release 2020 November 16

  • Eva
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from your room / 2 different scenes depending on penis size
  • Lola
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from the forest
    • Computer and Login in her room
  • Land Lord and Dick
    • Addional scene in the Land Lord's bedroom
    • Added Landlord's panties if you butt is big enough
  • Added in Porn Star Butt clothing
  • Added sperm bank. After 5 visits you'll be invited back into your house.
  • Added back into the house.
  • Added ladder use in the back yard.
  • Added Super duper size butt
  • Pool, your home's backyard, dance club, hospital - None of these are complete, mostly just placeholders while I work on the content.
  • Pool characters: The girl works at the pool on weekends and the male during the week.
  • Sissy transformation when you sleep - this is also very much in progress.

Download Link

Mega Download v 0.9.3 Released 2020 November