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Chapter 1

  1. Apply on your computer for the Detective Agency
  2. Get your private investigator license at city hall
  3. After your interview go to the mall and buy a suit top, pants, black socks, and black shoes
  4. She’ll give you several tasks to complete.
  5. When she tells you you need to get in shape work out. You can either run in the forest or go to the gym
  6. Once you’re in shape she’ll have you do a job at Tiffany’s.
  7. After working at Tiffany’s get the panties. You’ll have to steal them from Lola. To get Lola’s panties you have to
    • Sneak into Lola and Eva's room from the back yard
    • Wait till they’re not in there then search the laundry basket
    • Get the panties
  8. Put on the panties under your clothing then report to Missy
  9. You'll eventually begin the Sissy School